• Khalid Bomba

    Office of Innovation and
    Chief Innovation Officer,FAO
  • Natalia Bayona

    Director of the Innovation,
    Education and Investments Department,UNWTO
  • LI Zhiping

    Deputy Director General ,
    Foreign Economic Cooperation Center, MARA
  • WEI Longbao

    Institute of Food and Agribusiness Management,
    Zhejiang University
  • Addaia Arizmendi

    Senior Specialist in Innovation,
    Innovation,Education and
    Investments Department,UNWTO
  • Kofi Kisiedu Acquaye

    Regional Coordinator,
    Young Professionals in
    Agricultural Development(YPARD)
  • GE Yong

    Green Start-up
  • Selvaraju Ramasamy

    Senior Agricultural Officer,
    Office of Innovation,FAO
  • ZENG Meng

    Information Technology Officer,
    Office of Innovation,FAO
  • Guenter Hemrich

    Senior Strategy and Planning Officer,
    Office of Strategy,
    Programme and Budget,FAO
  • Kek Chee Hui

    Centre for Applied Behavioural &
    Social Sciences (Temasek Polytechnic)
  • Ken Lohento

    Digital Innovation Strategy Specialist,
    Regional Office for Africa,FAO
  • Srini Pappula

    Chief Scientist & Global Head,
    Digital Farming Initiatives,
    Tata Consultancy Services
  • Cortney Price

    Behavioural Science Expert,
    Office of Innovation,FAO
  • Vladimir Stankovic

    Program Coordinator,
    World Summit on the Information Society ITU
  • Gerard Sylvester

    Investment Offcer,
    Investment Center,FAO
  • Tan Wah Pheow

    Centre for Applied Behavioural &
    Social Sciences (Temasek Polytechnic)
  • TING Kuanchong

    University of lllinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Erik Vanlngen

    Digital Agriculture and Innovation
    Specialist (Frontier technologies),
    Office of Innovation,FAO
  • HU Gaoxiang

    Vice President
    MCFLY Europe

    winner of HackAgainstHunger 2018

  • Jocabed Becerra Soliz

    Leader and Co-founder,
    Sumajta Mikhuna

    the third prize winner of Global AgriInno Challenge 2020

  • Wiatta Thomas


    the first prize winner of
    Global AgriInno Challenge 2020

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