HU Gaoxiang


Vice President

CFLY Europe

winner of HackAgainstHunger 2018

Hu Gaoxiang from MCFLY Europe graduated in 2007 from the Wuhan University, China with a master degree of pattern recognition and intelligent system. She then joined Airbus (EADS by then) for its sub-company, named INFOTERRA FRANCE. Her main job there was the photogrammetry and remote sensing application and technical supporting based on INFOTERRA Pixel Factory product, an EO-Data processing system.  She then used to be the manager of Pixel Factory products in Asia/Pacific. In 2015, she moved to Germany and continued working in remote sensing and photogrammetry field, and helped German company nFrames and later Cloudeo for 3D modeling and remote sensing in agriculture applications.  In 2018, Hu Gaoxiang participated in HackAgainst Hunger on behalf of the company MCFLY.

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