Information Technology Officer

Office of Innovation


Ms. Meng ZENG is a Team Lead of Digital Agriculture and Innovation Hubs at IT Services (CSI) of FAO. She holds an MA in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University. Before joining FAO in 2017, she worked as lead at UNDP in Digital Innovation and Poverty Reduction and at ILO in rural agribusiness and entrepreneurship, and capacity development. Her interests include entrepreneurship and innovation for youth and women, digital knowledge transferring, policy and strategy for the development of digital agriculture, and innovation solutions for Sustainable Development. She currently is leading on Digital Agriculture and Innovation Hubs to create enabling ecosystem and culture for agripreneurs to address development challenges through innovation and partnership. She is also supporting of the establishment of International Platform for Digital Food and Agriculture, aiming to promote discussion and strengthen linkages of international fora for agriculture and food, and provide policy recommendations and technical support to governments and other stakeholders to bridge digital gaps.

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