Digital Innovation Dialogue: Session 8 Farmer Digital Identity and Data Ownership

 FAO Information and Technology Division(CIO) welcomes you to join the 8th Digital Innovation Dialogue on Farmer Digital Identity and Data Ownership on Monday, 2 March 2020 from 14:30-16:00 hours in the Lebanon Room(D209)As the seats are limited, and for those who wish to attend remotely, the event will be webcast at the link and remote participation is available here

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In 2019, CIO organized seven sessions of Digital Innovation Dialogue which saw more than 400 people participating. This 8th session is focusing on Farmer Digital Identity and Data Ownership and is the first Digital Innovation Dialogue in 2020.  

This Dialogue covers two important topics: (i) Farmer Digital Identity and (ii) Farmers' Data ownership, with a particular focus on smallholder farmers. Digital inclusion of farmers is a strong instrument to combat the ‘digital divide’ in agriculture and is poised to benefit rural farmers. Digital identity is a key pathway to financial inclusion, index based agriculture, markets and digital agricultural advisory services.

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