Vice President

Alibaba Group

XING Luna is currently acting as Vice President of Alibaba Group, primarily responsible for public affairs. Before current position, she was Deputy General Manager of Tmall Global, responsible for business strategy and public affairs of Tmall Import & Export, supported final implementation of globalization strategy of Alibaba Group in retail business. She served as Director of public affairs in Cainiao Network (Alibaba's logistics arm) before joining Tmall Global, and witnessed the growth of Cainiao Network from the initial startup to a rapid development stage of “driven by data and technology”. She was senior executive of Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited before joining Alibaba Group, successively acted key management positions as Chief Representative in Hong Kong and many other cities in mainland China. Many years of experience in traditional industry combining with working experience in Alibaba Group enabled her to have a thorough understanding and a deep look into the integrated development of the Internet and traditional industries, as well as the direction of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

Luna holds a Master degree in management from Tongji University.

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