WU Shan

Chief Researcher
Digital Research Institute
Pinduoduo, China

The chief researcher of Pinduoduo Digital Research Institute,in-depth research on Internet e-commerce industry, agricultural products e-commerce big data analysis, agricultural talent cultivation and other fields. He used to work in the world's top 500 enterprises of artificial intelligence and agricultural chemicals. Since its establishment in 2015, Pinduoduo has created a new mode of "Cloud Agriculture". Starting from the digital transformation at the consumer end, Pinduoduo has been continuously promoting the digital transformation at the circulation side, supply side and production side. Driven by this innovative mode, China's agricultural products have been able to preserve regional diversity and individual differentiation, and a new cloud-based scale development path has been put into practice, which provides a new possibility for China to walk out of a digital agricultural road more in line with China's national conditions and provides a new model for the world's poverty reduction. Working with Pinduoduo team to promote new technologies and Internet skills in the central and western regions of China to drive 100,000 new farmers and their families to engage in agricultural activities better.

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