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The global economy has experienced enormous challenges this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Particularly, there are many difficult challenges that the agricultural sector in particular will have to face many issues now and in the nearby future to cover the needs of the expected 9.6 billion people who will inhabit the planet by 2050. Exploring options to reduce the impact of economic recession on the agricultural sector, stimulate the recovery of global economy and lower the risk of poverty and hunger is of great importance.

In these times of uncertainty, innovation, digital technology and entrepreneurship have then become more than ever the engine of agricultural sector and are crucial to transform the agri-food sector to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Digital Agriculture Forum Webinar, organized jointly by FAO and Zhejiang University on 05-06 December 2020, offers a common space for creating and sharing successful knowledge and practice in digital agriculture. It aims to foster an enabling ecosystem by leveraging on innovative digital solutions and business models to unlock the potential of innovation and entrepreneurship in agri-food sector. It also intends to enhance and knowledge exchanges in digital agriculture policies and practices to accelerate the transformation of agri-food systems, increase agricultural productivity and effectiveness, and address efficiently and in a timely manner the new challenges that the agricultural sector has to face.

The forum is organized following three main events and the attendance is free and open to everyone.

1. Global AgriInno Pitch Event
5 Dec. Sat. | 19:00-22:10 hours | UTC+8:00 (Beijing Time)

As youth plays an important role in an inclusive recovery and digital transformation in the agri-food sector, the objective of the event is to accelerate and scale-up youth-led innovative business models and digital solutions with the following actions: a) sharing the latest information, knowledge and practice in agri-food innovation, technology and business models; b) building up an enabling environment with assistance from skilled mentors and experienced entrepreneurs; c) empowering the young agripreneurs through FAO and partners’ global network.

12 start-up champions selected out of 172 applicants from 35 countries worldwide will pitch their e-commerce solutions to address challenges, such as the distribution and sales of agricultural products, in front of an international jury.

2. Digital Village Dialogue
6 Dec. Sun. | 09:00-12:00 hours | UTC+8:00 (Beijing Time)

The Dialogue will address new opportunities and challenges for agricultural and rural development under the epidemic and best practices of digital villages. Different paths for rural development and poverty reduction will be explored under the theme of "Digitization Facilitates Rural Revitalization: New Opportunities and Challenges for Agricultural and Rural Development under the Epidemic". Speakers from various organizations, such as FAO, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, Alibaba Foundation and Zhejiang University, will discuss popular topics including rural development, digital villages, innovation ecosystems, rural governance and typical cases of rural revitalization in China.

3. Digital Agriculture Dialogue
6 Dec. Sun. | 15:30-19:30 hours | UTC+8:00 (Beijing Time)

With the rapid development of the new generation of information technology, advanced concepts and modes such as digital agriculture, e-commerce live broadcast, e-government and mobile banking practices, are becoming more and more popular. Digital technology has now been integrated into every stage of agricultural production, from understanding genetics to transport logistics, and could greatly improve decision making for farmers, agribusiness, policymakers and researchers.

The Dialogue will address digital transformation of the agri-food sector through two panels a) policymaking and innovation b) international partnerships and cooperation, with speakers from FAO, UNDP, ITU, AfDB, the World Bank, GODAN, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wageningen University and Research, Zhejiang University, Top Cloud-Agri Technology Co.,Ltd, etc..

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