DIGITAL INNOVATION DIALOGUE : SESSION 9 FAO-UNDP Youth Digital Solutions for Food and Agriculture

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has put efforts of building Digital Agriculture and Innovation Hubs and been working closely with the UNDP Global Centre in Singapore to explore and identify technological and innovative solutions to address specific agricultural challenges in developing countries, to attract startups and R&D teams from around the world to improve on and implement their solutions at scale, to enhance knowledge and practice sharing between developing and developed countries.

The 9th Session of Digital Innovation Dialogue invites colleagues from the UNDP Global Centre and selected finalists of the Cultiv@te programme together with FAO’s selected innovation challenge winner teams to pitch their solutions.These solutions include technologies for smart farming, food loss and waste, decentralised agricultural machinery networks, urban farming and more. The Dialogue will address following questions:

· What are digital solutions have been explored and applied in the agriculture and food sector?

· How youth/start-ups harness digital technologies and tools to address challenges in the agriculture and food sector?

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